Beer Brewers in San Jose

Did you know that California leads the country in craft beer production?

251(we like to collect local memorabilia, such as this porcelain cap for a local bottling company)

Did you know that breweries were a significant part of Silicon Valley’s economy over 100 years ago?


There were several breweries, but the largest was the Fredericksburg Brewery.


Photo credit:  History San Jose  (You can order prints from History San Jose from their archives)

You can now visit that old Fredericksburg/Falstaff  location and do some wine tasting, as the J. Lohr  Winery is located on the site of the old brewery:

We are seeing the re-emergence of San Jose as a center for beer brewers, something that ended about 100 years ago.  Here is a great article by Scott Herhold about the origins of the brewery business in the area:


Current NEW craft breweries in San Jose include:

Clandestine Brewing:

Strike Brewing Co:

Mission Creek Brewing Co:

Santa Clara Valley Brewing:


And here is a nice summary of the history of historic Fredericksburg Brewery: